Montreal Hub

Over the last thirty years, we have accumulated the skills needed to turn ideas into innovative solutions, and we have added a number of initiatives from our internal staff and partners to our portfolio.

With extensive market knowledge and a presence throughout the country, we are dedicated to identifying opportunities and businesses in a wide range of areas related to technology, always with a diverse view of the pains of each market, and with the aim of being able to collaborate on innovative solutions, which makes us an active player in Brazil's economic and technological development.

We firmly believe in collaboration and in supporting businesses at an early stage of development, and/or businesses and ideas that need to be boosted. That's why we have a strong technological/commercial and administrative/legal team, who put their work and experience into these initiatives, in order to build successful businesses together.

It's not just about investment, here we're hands-on!

Some of our projects:

Service that allows you to realize product, inventory or merchandise decoding operations in an automated, secure and agile way.

App that monitors health in real time using devices with Bluetooth communication. The system stores and processes the data, and informs the person in charge if there are any changes.

A partnership between Montreal and Elar Saúde.

Access control system using facial recognition and body temperature measurement without physical contact. Efficiency approved at StartupsVsCovid-19.

A partnership between Montreal and HF Security.

Do you have an idea and need help developing it? Let's do it together!