The amount and flow of information in the municipal sphere is immense. Thus, the Govplace solution has the premise of computerizing the management of Brazilian municipalities in an innovative and technological way, meeting the needs of the current and dynamic context of society.

What is it?

The GOVPLACE PORTAL works like a marketplace, bringing together the most diverse municipal services in one place and online. These include the municipal management system - e-CIDADE, Distance Learning - EAD and the Call Center.

Who is it for?

• IMA - Associated Municipalities IT;
• Brazilian municipalities.

Services offered:

GOVPLACE Web Portal (Marketplace)

– User management and access profiles;
– Single login for services;
– Log-in area with a panel of services according to the user's profile;
– Online services (with the possibility of adding more services)

EAD (distance learning)

Training courses with videos, tests and online certificates for the professional training of municipal employees in the use of the e-Cidade system.

Call Center

Opening tickets for remote IT support and system queries, with a protocol number and conversation history.

e-Cidade for Municipal Management

– SIAFIC (Single Integrated System for Budget Execution, Financial Administration and Control);
– Online management of the municipality with all the departments integrated (Social Assistance, Citizens, Education, Health, HR, Tax, Finance, Assets);
– Citizen's Portal (electronic protocol, guides, declarations, certificates, slips with PIX key, 2nd copy, installments, geoprocessing charges);
– Student Portal (enrollment, annual calendar, class schedules, attendance and library);
– Transparency Portal (accountability to citizens);
– Indicator Panel (BI manager, real-time figures on registrations and collection);
– Electronic Process (registration and follow-up);
– NFS-e (issue and control of electronic service invoices from local businesses);
– Municipal Server Portal (data and payslip consultation).

Type of contract:

Monthly contract for use of all or specific modules.

Montreal’s differentials:

  • Services are offered in the Cloud and SaaS;
  • Zero cost for acquiring infrastructure such as servers, network equipment, software and licenses;
  • Access through a single login, according to the user's profile;
  • Training for users;
  • Call center;
  • Technical support;
  • Our team's in-depth knowledge of the most diverse tools and technologies.

Business continuity:

Montreal carries out all the implementation and monitoring of the Portal, avoiding downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Strategic partnerships:

DBSeller, GLPI.