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Agile innovation squads and software factory

Technological innovations and software factories? WE ARE EXPERTS!

With over 35 years' experience, we work with various models for creating, prototyping and implementing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). We use our expertise in technologies and state-of-the-art tools to deliver sophisticated solutions using frameworks, platforms and robot process automation (RPA), enabling continuous and autonomous learning through the adoption of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, Metaverse (virtual/augmented/mixed reality), supported by integration mechanisms (SOA) to reuse legacy systems and reduce the adoption curve for new technologies in organizations.

We specialize in meeting the most diverse demands for implementing technological innovations, as well as recruiting and managing qualified human capital. With state-of-the-art technology and professionals, we solve the challenges of high turnover in this segment and the changing scope of projects.

We meet the strictest international standards for building and maintaining systems and applications, and certified with excellence, we guarantee our commitment to maintaining quality not only in the creation, but also in the planning, management, implementation and monitoring of our solutions.

What is it?

Transformation of business processes centered on the customer experience, with the strategic support of industry 4.0 technologies to build sustainable business models (Society 5.0).

Who is it for?

  • Large and medium-sized companies;
  • Government bodies.

Services offered:

  • Implementation of new technologies (Drones, RPA, Chatbot,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT),
  • Computer Vision, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain,
  • Tokenization (NFT), Cryptocurrencies (FT), Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, Metaverse);
  • Implementation of an RPA center of excellence (CoE RPA);
  • Development of digital assistants (Chatbots);
  • Hosting of the solution in our Data Center or SaaS performance; Agile software development teams;
  • Integration of systems and tools; Modernization of legacy systems;
  • Development of personalized applications; Customization of systems;
  • Systems support; Allocation of specialized labor.

Type of contract:

• By execution phase (Specification, Development, Deployment, Sustainment and/or Support);
• Productivity (working hours);
• Consultancy;
• Outsourcing;
• Function point

Montreal’s differentials:

  • Market experience and constant investment in disruptive technologies;
  • Customer experience with technological simplification;
  • Diversity of business verticals; - Low/No-Code platforms and API management platform;
  • Independence from suppliers; - Implementation of proofs of concept (PoC);
  • Integration capacity;
  • Flexibility to work with different languages and methodologies;
  • Professionals certified in agile methods and qualified in Brazil;
  • State-of-the-art tools for managing the entire process (DEVSECOPS);
  • Unit assessed in the CMMI - Systems
  • Engineering Institute Methodology Level 5 and MPS-BR Level C;
  • Extensive knowledge of microservices, integrations, evolutionary architecture,
  • Data Engineering, design system and other agile practices;
  • Over 35 years of investment and experience in software development in various business areas.

Business continuity:

Deep investment in innovation and the development of intellectual capital, guaranteeing business transformation and continuity.

Strategic partnerships:

Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Kofax, UIPath, RedHat. Some of our success stories: CEMIG, MRV, MRS, GASMIG, COPASA, PRODESP, CAIXA, PRODEMGE, IMA.