Knowledge management

The organization can deliver VALUE to the market

By retaining, disseminating, collaborating and sharing information, knowledge management makes it possible to achieve differentiated organizational performance in a competitive market. Nowadays, knowledge replaces tangible assets - such as equipment, capital, materials - or work itself as a key production factor, and so the organization can deliver value to the market.

In this way, we provide services and solutions for working on BPM (Business Process Management) in organizations, implementing process offices and automation strategies supported by the information management of various market solutions, and thus enabling the stages of creating, capturing, storing, processing, sharing and using information in the various primary business processes, management, and/or support for delivering continuous improvement of results.

In Brazil, we are representatives of the main suppliers of BPM solutions, working on marketing, mapping and customizing the tool to the needs of each business.

What is it?

Services and solutions that work with tangible and intangible assets to transform business processes through planning, analysis, design, implementation, monitoring and refinement, supported by processes for retaining, disseminating, collaborating and sharing corporate information.

Who is it for?

Medium and large companies, public or private.

Services offered:

  • Implementation of knowledge management processes;
  • Implementation of a client process office - BPMO;
  • Process architecture design;
  • Process modeling with BPMN;
  • Analysis and identification of gaps (AS-IS);
  • Process design (TO-BE);
  • Process automation with BPMS;
  • Monitoring processes using indicators;
  • Document capture;
  • Handling and processing;
  • Sharing and distribution;
  • Data storage;
  • Availability

Type of contract:

• By consultancy;
• Per hour worked;
• Per SQUAD.

Montreal’s differentials:

  • CBPP-certified professionals specializing in knowledge and information management.
  • Independence from suppliers. Ability to integrate the solution.
  • One of the largest BPM and BPMS providers.
  • Our team's in-depth knowledge of end-to-end management.

Business Continuity:

Management of risks inherent in the business model, environment and team prepared for transformation and business continuity, fully compliant with the LGPD.

Strategic partnerships:

ABPMP, IBM, Microsoft, Sydle, Alfresco, Kofax, 3ADigital, Flexdoc, Most.