Easy and sustainable credit? CONSIGO!

Consigo is the most complete solution for Payroll Processing on the market, guaranteeing agile and sustainable credit supply.

Available on a SaaS platform, the Consigo system is parameterized and adheres to PLD, guaranteeing secure and reliable information. Among its many conveniences, it is possible to simulate financing conditions and see a ranking of the best rates offered by partner banks, as well as monitor the entire lifecycle, from the proposal to the executed contract and its movements online. The system makes it easy to request portability and renegotiation.

The system offers partner financial institutions agile integration mechanisms for exporting information on loan proposals and contracts. With automatic updating of committed salary amounts (consignable margin) when installments are paid, it speeds up the entire process of analyzing and releasing credit.

What is it?

A solution for processing payroll margins for financial institutions, companies and employees.

Who is it for?

• Public bodies at municipal, state or federal level;
• Large and medium-sized companies that offer payroll loans to their employees.

Services offered:

  • Rate options available from partner banks;
  • Data export to the financial institution;
  • Calculation of the percentage committed to payroll loans (available margin).

Type of contract:

• Per line processed (loan discount installment);
• Implementation and integration services.

Montreal’s differentials:

  • SaaS platform that guarantees total margin;
  • Provision of sustainable credit, based on the ranking of the best rates offered by financial institutions;
  • Easy credit, simulation and online monitoring of credit by employees;
  • Dynamic and intuitive platform that allows partners to parameterize data and payroll loan flows;
  • Possibility of implementing new technological features for system users;
  • In line with the LGPD;
  • Years of investment, experience and our team's in-depth knowledge of the most diverse tools and technologies.

Business Continuity:

The environment is fully prepared and monitored by dedicated professionals, excluding risks and tool discontinuities.

Strategic partnerships:

Financial institutions.