mRC-e: Registration of vehicle financing contracts with direct integration with the DMVs

The mRC-e by Montreal solution is a platform for registering vehicle financing contracts, which guarantees compliance with federal and state regulations on the service of registering vehicle financing contracts (liens), fulfilling all the technical requirements of security and reliability. We also offer the possibility of integrating an integrated view of all registered contracts into a single solution called HUB, regardless of the company responsible for the registration.

As a company accredited for the activity by Senatran and DETRANs (DMV) and operating in several states, we serve large and small agents, and enable direct integration with the Traffic Departments, transmitting data and images, always online and securely.

Our team has specific knowledge of the business and is highly capable of carrying out any processes necessary for information availability, performance and security.

The robustness and security of our facilities guarantee compliance with all legal requirements with seriousness and transparency, including compliance with banking institutions' compliance programs and control practices for the Prevention of Money Laundering.

What is it?

SAAS platform developed by Montreal that consolidates the data needed to register financing contracts, with the identification of the Financial Institution, in order to compose the file with the information required by CONTRAN legislation.

Who is it for?

• Financial institutions;
• Other creditors in the vehicle financing sector.

Services offered:

Registration and sending of electronic data and images of vehicle financing contracts to the 27 Detran's in Brazil.

Type of contract:

  • For services, software and human resources necessary for the operation, including customer support/service with a specialized team;
  • Per contract processed; Batch processing of contracts;
  • API development;
  • Processing through the Hub Platform (platform for an integrated view of all registered financing contracts).

Montreal’s differentials:

  • Price; BPO support;
  • Service and customization of the platform to the client's requirements;
  • Accreditation with nine state DETRANs;
  • Graphs of registrations by day, contracts by financial institution, distribution by registrar, distribution by type of operation and distribution by state;
  • In line with the legislation pertinent to the Vehicle Financing Contract Registration service;
  • Our team's experience and in-depth knowledge of the most diverse tools and technologies.

Business continuity:

Environment fully prepared and monitored by dedicated professionals, excluding risks and tool discontinuities.