Biometrics for civil, criminal, forensic and prison identification, solutions based on ABIS technology.The largest data registry in Latin America: more than 30 million Brazilians identified.

Since 1997 we have been offering biometric solutions based on ABIS (Automated Biometric Information System) technology and focusing on various areas, including biometrics for civil, criminal and prison identification.

We develop and integrate biometrics modalities and solutions with state-of-the-art technologies, which enable fingerprint, palmprint, face, voice and iris recognition. By applying facematch, liveness and proof of life mechanisms, which are used in anti-fraud processes, we achieve 360° identification and thus guarantee the complete security of your business.

Our great differential is our focus on the customer, which is why here you can count on biometric solutions developed in-house (ZFace), as well as from major partners in the segment, such as Germany's Dermalog Identification Systems and Israel's Corsight AI.

Montreal Biometrics and all our solutions are customizable and can be integrated to meet your needs. Get in touch and talk to our experts. 

What is it?

Solutions for identifying people - civil, criminal and penitentiary - through multibiometrics: face, fingerprint, iris, palm and signature, for application in the most varied scenarios:

• Setor público, identificação civil, criminal, forense e penitenciária, investigação forense, através de latentes de cenas de crime, pesquisa avançada de imagens e vídeos;
• No mercado privado, para identificação e autenticação de pessoas para acesso a contas correntes, aplicações para controle de acesso, carteiras digitais, com ênfase na utilização de dispositivos móveis como celulares e tablets;
• Ampla gama de dispositivos de leitura de dados biométricos, como live scanners de impressão digital, câmeras, pads de assinatura.

Who is it for?

• Public Security Secretariats; • Civil Police; • Banks and Fintechs; • Insurance companies; • Airports; • Event arenas; • Health plan operators; • Class Councils; • Retail chains; • Smart Cities; • Companies with large numbers of employees.

Services offered:

  • Supply of hardware and software;
  • Customization of the solution;
  • Integration with third-party solutions or legacy environments;
  • Systems operation - BPO;
  • Solution hosting.

Type of contract:

• Per document issued or per records captured in the database; • Per number of validations/transactions performed on the database; • Pre-defined minimum monthly amount; • Sale of a turn-key solution.

Montreal’s differentials:

  • Pioneers in the development of the solution in ABIS technology and in the development and integration of various biometric modalities;
  • Flexibility of customization; Possibility of integration with various platforms/tools;
  • Multifunctional modality that can be applied to any type of public, commercial and financial transaction; "Autonomous AI" *applicable to forensic investigations;
  • Cloud application, which guarantees data privacy and confidentiality;
  • Use of advanced technologies, which have already identified more than 30 million Brazilians.
Business continuity:

Robust and secure solution, fully prepared for business continuity.

Strategic partnerships:

Dermalog and Corsight AI.




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