Digital Print


Is your company looking to optimize the delivery of information to your customers quickly, securely and with reduced operating costs? Then you're in the right place!

Integrated and automated, Digital Print Montreal guarantees the assertiveness of the content of each document or communication from reception to final delivery, and with total management of the entire process through reporting dashboards updated in real time.

Always looking to the future, we are concerned with using technologies to reduce the amount of printing and positively impact our space of operation, and our efforts to integrate the public into the digital environment enable customized services and personalized messages your way.

Years of experience enable us to operate in the technological environment with confidence and practicality, meeting the high level of investment and knowledge required by legislation.

What is it?

Solutions that optimize the formatting and sending of documents containing variable data, via digital or printed media

Who is it for?

• Large companies;
• Utilities companies;
• Banks and financial institutions;
• Public bodies that issue charges;
• Formatting, form design, processing, sending, traceability and management of the entire process;
• Sending recurring services and specific or sporadic campaigns;
• Integration with time stamp solutions;
• Process of combining accounts, guaranteeing the best ways of sending and using posts.

Type of contract:

• Printed document;
• Document sent electronically;
• Additional specific customization services, where applicable..

• Documento impresso;
• Documento enviado eletronicamente;
• Serviços adicionais de customização específica, quando aplicável..• Documento impresso;
• Documento enviado eletronicamente;
• Serviços adicionais de customização específica, quando aplicável..

Montreal’s differentials:

  • Cost reduction;
  • Flexible customization;
  • Personalized support throughout the process;
  • High-speed transmission network;
  • Personalization of documents using Transpromo technology;
  • Intuitive, user-friendly format that allows interaction;
  • Simplified digital invoice, 100% in HTML;
  • Over 35 years of investment and our team's in-depth knowledge of the most diverse tools and technologies.

Business continuity:

Environment with a robust structure, fully prepared for business continuity.

Strategic partnerships:

Telecom companies and brokers for sending SMS, WhatsApp, and time stamps.