Data Center/ Cloud solutions

MODERN, CUSTOMIZABLE infrastructure.

We have the best Hosting and Colocation solutions. Our infrastructure is modern, fully customizable and with high management standards. With a diversified technological park, we offer the right solutions to meet the needs of your business.

We have a team of professionals specialized and certified in different technologies, as well as an exclusive 24x7x365 NOC (Network Operation Center). We have all the physical and logical security mechanisms and controls, as well as a robust structure to ensure Business Continuity, from the facilities layer to applications, including an external contingency site.

All the expertise of our professionals, combined with monitoring tools, allows us to achieve high availability and thus offer the best levels of service.

What is it?

Data processing center with an available environment for installing computer systems, including telecommunication services, data storage and general facilities services.

Who is it for?

Big and medium companies.

Services offered:

• Hosting and Colocation;
• IT infrastructure support, such as NOC, SOC and Service Desk.

Montreal’s differentials:

  • Customizable server management;
  • Compliance with Information Security standards and best practices;
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions;
  • High-speed transmission network;
  • Telecom room with certified cabling: Cat6;
  • Autonomous System (AS);
  • Easy access for professionals;
  • Rapid scaling; Services offered on a variety of platforms;
  • Over 35 years of investment, experience and our team's in-depth knowledge of the most diverse tools and technologies.

Type of contract:

• For contracting hosting services, per minimum monthly amount;
• For support and implementation of IT projects, per hour of consultancy.

Business continuity:

Fully prepared environment with high availability, enabling secure and uninterrupted operations.

Strategic partnerships:

Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, Algar, Dell, Security Solutions and various Telecom companies in the market.