Service Desk


PC Service, a Montreal subsidiary, has been operating in the information technology sector for over 35 years, with expertise in offering advanced solutions in the Call Center and Service Desk areas.

Working with the most modern technology on the market and without sacrificing human capital, which is essential for any service provider, we add value to our delivery, with our own customized solutions according to the needs of each client.

By integrating technologies, it is possible to automate the first call by means of IVR, Service Robots / Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, and thus reduce the human call center. In addition, it is possible to analyze the stored data and transform it into useful information through management reports and dashboards.

Our offer includes all the service levels needed to promote quality in a company's infrastructure. To do this, we have the main ITSM (Information Technology Service Manager) tools on the market, from implementation to team management, increasing productivity, reducing operating costs, optimizing time and respecting legislation.

What is it?

IT infrastructure support services at several levels and personalized human and/or automated customer service through multichannels: voice and messaging: and call center services aimed at resolving doubts, complaints, sales and direct and indirect customer support.

Who is it for?

• Large and medium-sized companies;
• Government agencies.

Services offered:

  • Multichannel customer service;
  • IT service support;
  • Operational Management;
  • Quality management;
  • Field service;
  • NOC; SOC.

Type of contract:

• By service catalog items;
• Per hour/man;
• Per Service Station;
• Allocating professionals

Montreal’s differentials:

  • A qualified team, prepared and available not only to maintain routine service, but also for projects and contingency planning when necessary, guaranteeing the quality of services and reducing the "down time" of the client's environment;
  • Experienced managers focused on the technology offered to the client;
  • Certifications of excellence and best market practices;
  • 100% of the team with a formal employment relationship, as provided for in the CLT and union agreements, current legislation related to CIPA / SESMT / Apprenticeship Programs / People with disabilities / Control of breaks / Rules and Laws of the Segment), mitigating the risks of joint and several liability for our clients.

Business continuity:

Our environments are prepared for high availability, as is our team, which undergoes permanent training and monitoring to assess the quality of services, guaranteeing business continuity.

Strategic partnerships:

We have partnerships with the main manufacturers of IT / TELECOM solutions.