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MIT - Montreal Innovation Tech

An event made for you!


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IT Day

Upcoming Events MIT - Montreal Innovation Tech

An event made for you!

BPMS: Maturity and Control in Business Process Management.

Ensure sustainability, profitability and continuity for your business!

Information and Knowledge Management.

A treasure that companies must safeguard to boost business in times of remote working.

Upcoming Events MIT - Montreal Innovation Tech

An event made for you!

Biometrics for solving crimes.

Learn a little more about the diverse and efficient contributions of biometrics to crime solving.

Society 5.0: How to boost your business.

How companies can boost their business from a sustainable society.

Data loss prevention: raising awareness is key.

Shall we talk about data loss prevention? How to do it? In times of LGPD - General Data Protection Law and home office, this is undoubtedly the question of the million.

mPass Fever

A solution for a safe return to your company's activities.

Exploring new possibilities

Your business always available, using the power of the user at the edge of the process.

mRC-e by Montreal

Efficiency and security in electronic data transmission of vehicle financing contracts.

Elections of the Future.

In partnership with Montreal, #RelataSoft presented an innovative solution for the Elections of the Future Project.

MIT - Montreal Innovation Tech

An event made for you!

Real Estate Credit - Integrated Management Solution

All the applications needed for efficient portfolio management.

DevOps: adapting to the new is moving forward.

The main difference for companies that are managing to leverage their business is in DevOps.

Blockchain - A New Form of Business Between Companies.

Decentralization, sharing and total security.

Let mPass Fever take care of your health.

Body temperature monitoring without physical contact and facial recognition for possible fraud.

They make the difference!

Women are responsible for many inventions that drive the advancement of Information Technology.

Biometrics is already part of your life.

The convenience and experience that users can have, boosting any type of business.

Automate your company's processes.

BPMS, process agility and increased productivity.

Do you know what BPMS is?

Get the project off the ground!

Let the robots do the work for you.

A strategy for automating business process tasks through the use of robots.

Drone Solutions: Thinking ahead to work now.

Operational efficiency - reducing risks, time and costs in asset and inventory management.