Drone Solutions: Thinking ahead to work now.

Operational efficiency - reducing risks, time and costs in asset and inventory management.

Have you ever thought about the effort your company puts into carrying out inventories? Does your company ever have to monitor, supervise and organize the entire stocking process, an activity that demands more and more effort and resources, without achieving all the expected results in the time required?

Bringing the future into the present, Montreal has launched Drone Solutions - a service that allows you to carry out operations to decode products, inventories or merchandise in an automated, safe and agile way - and above all at more affordable costs and with more agility than manual operations, which require moving the load to collect the data.

Drone Solutions also helps to reduce operational risk, as the information is captured using QRCODE, RFID and TAGs, with navigation commands and can capture images in up to 3 seconds. Meeting compliance requirements for audits is highly effective, as it records precise images of the environment as soon as the data is read. And if you need any information at the last minute, you can access the recordings on tablets, smartphones, notebooks and any other type of device.

There's much more, check out the other advantages of our Drone Solutions:

Effective procedure in adverse environments
Every organization has a different way of storing its goods, which is why the drone capture system is designed to work in open and closed environments, with high or low light levels.

It allows you to monitor items and storage conditions
The equipment can work with recordings that allow you to identify missing goods, unpacked loads, the quality of storage shelves and street conditions, avoiding possible accidents and damage caused by the loss of goods and loads, meeting auditing and compliance requirements.

Adds value when negotiating with manufacturers and customers
Expertise in agility and guaranteeing the quality of your product are synonymous with reducing operating costs, allowing for greater negotiation of values and deadlines with your suppliers and users.

Integration with several layers of market applications
Drone Solutions collaborates in the exchange of information with internal and external databases, as well as in the consumption of webservices layers to fetch and send data, allowing processing to take place in real time.

Implementation of RFID solutions
Together with the Drone Solutions service, we also offer integrated RFID applications for all types of cargo, creating portals and collectors for warehouses, enabling broader control of contents and assets. Through actions such as site surveys, we can demonstrate graphs and scenarios for any type of investment. We customize the best logistics solution for integrated operation, guaranteeing optimum process compliance.

Have you seen how Drone Solutions can help make your operation more efficient and faster? Contact us and let's talk about how to improve the performance of your business.

MONTREAL, the present future.



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