Montreal to heat map Rio Innovation Week

Montreal is presenting innovations for civil identification and security at Rio Innovation Week, from October 3 to 6, at Pier Mauá, in Rio de Janeiro. The company, in partnership with Corsight AI, HikVision, GHtech and Sistema Iris, will be responsible for generating a quantitative and qualitative heat map after the event, which will provide a diagnosis of visitation. Data will be generated such as the number of visitors per area, length of stay, gender, age, profession, as well as the most popular stands by type of public.


The innovation event will be a pilot project for Montreal, which intends to offer the solution to other fairs and exhibitions. The expected audience at Rio Innovation Week is 100,000 people, including 5,000 guests in the VIP area, for which facial recognition is required. To this end, 18 fixed cameras will be installed in the complex to monitor security, breakdowns and lost persons, which will also be used for the heat map; 22 attendants with body cams will be spread throughout the event for facial registration and check-in, and the Montreal stand will become a monitoring center with a video wall and interactive screen, all within the smart city concept.


One of the novelties presented this year will be the application of facial recognition technology to schools, offering access control, school lunch planning and identification of intruders.


Visitors will be welcomed with a 3D experience in an open space where Montreal will also raffle off four tablets to participants who agree to facial registration in the system and an electric bicycle to those who check in.



Montreal panels at the Society 5.0 Conference


04/10/2023 – 15h


  • Facial biometrics to support civil and criminal identification


Antonio Carlos Censi: Director of Technology at Montreal with extensive experience in information systems in the scientific and technological area, with an emphasis on image processing applied to various areas - identification, biometrics, neural networks and artificial intelligence.


04/10/2023 – 18h30


  • Mobility, Integration and Security in the Digital Age


Adriano Carpineti: leader of the Montreal Group's Innovations team, with 16 years' experience in product R&D for Biometrics product business lines, and Head of the startup mCare.


In practice


At the Detran-RJ stand, Montreal is also participating with its new "Na Prática" solution, a system that automates all the processes involved in practical tests, providing security, agility and reliability through virtual check-ins of the entire driving license process in real time. The innovation includes facial biometrics for candidates and evaluators, which optimizes the time it takes to get the license and prevents fraud and typing errors.


At Detran-RJ, where the system began operating in January this year, it was possible to reduce the average time taken to process the results of the driving test from 10 days to 2 hours. In addition to the operational benefits, Na Prática is also building a statistical database with the service's management information. The system was designed to solve problems found in Detran-RJ's exam areas and is now available for implementation in other states.


Service - Rio Innovation Week

Date: October 3rd to 6th

Time: 10am to 9pm

Venue: Píer Mauá - Av. Rodrigues Alves, 10, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20081-250



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