Montreal participates in SECOP 2023

Montreal is participating in SECOP 2023, on August 24 and 25, in Brasilia, with solutions for civil identification and a new solution for DETRANs, "NaPrática", a system that automates all the processes of practical tests, delivering security, agility and reliability, through virtual check-ins of the entire qualification process in real time and Facial Biometrics of candidates and evaluators, optimizing time, avoiding fraud and entry/typing errors.


NaPrática is already in use at Detran-RJ, where in addition to the practical and operational benefits, it is also building a statistical database with all the service's management information.


Montreal is taking part in SECOP 2023with two lectures, given by the Head of Innovation, Adriano Carpinetti: 1) "The use of technology in police investigation of crimes"; and 2) "Digital Transformation: NaPrática - Automation of practical tests".



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