On August 18, 1946, the Electrical Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (ENIAC), the first electronic digital computer, was born, after which the date became known as Computer Science Day.


Not much time has passed since that day, but there have been countless technological developments in information technology, and these changes also affect human beings as a whole.


The impacts of information technology


The search for innovative solutions has brought results that would have been considered impossible not so long ago.


When we think about information technology, we don't just limit ourselves to hardware and software, but also to the various aspects that arise from this, such as artificial intelligence, data science and cybersecurity.


A 100% connected world, through the Internet of Things and Cloud File Management, is also part of IT, and the emergence of this brings about a general change in people's lives.


Technology and Innovation and Montreal


This day also makes us reflect on the founding of Montreal in 1986, when we made a commitment to technology, innovation and you!


Over the years we have grown together with information technology, always attentive to trends so that we can deliver the best in technology, innovation and ease, always prioritizing your security and privacy.


Our mission goes hand in hand with the evolution of information technology, and our purpose of making the medium easier to deliver the new is non-negotiable,because we are the Future Present!



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