Montreal achieves CertiGov certification

Selo Montreal


Montreal wins CertiGov certification. The compliance seal guarantees the company's integrity and compliance and qualifies it to sell securely to the government.

Montreal, an information technology company, has just been awarded the bronze CertiGov transparency certification. The seal attests to the company's integrity actions in its processes, policies and ethical culture. With the certificate, Montreal is promoting security in its supply chain for sales to the government and anticipating the growing demand for compliance practices from suppliers in the public and private sectors.

Companies that achieve CertiGov demonstrate their stance against corruption and bribery, showing that they have disseminated the concepts throughout their organization and employees and have implemented good practices to reduce the risks of involvement in illicit actions. Montreal's certification process included a detailed assessment of processes, risks and adherence to strict integrity standards and training.

Montreal complied with the requirements of CertiGov, which is based on the requirements of the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law (Law 12.846/2013), the ISO 37.001:2016 standard, the Foreign Corruption Practices Acts (FCPA, the US anti-corruption law abroad), the Bribery Act (the UK version) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) anti-corruption convention.

"CertiGov is an important seal not only for the company, but also for all its suppliers, partners, clients, including the government itself, and others who are part of its business relationships. It brings more security and reduces risks in transactions," says Carolina Utida, director of CertiGov.




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