Integrity Program

In order to implement MONTREAL's corporate mission, this Code of Ethics and Conduct provides us with the practices and standards of behavior that we must apply on a daily basis in our company.

The social role of a company goes beyond what is stipulated by the laws that govern it. In fulfilling its objectives, MONTREAL does not lose sight of the importance of constantly investing in the development of an ethical culture.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the values and principles that underpin the professional conduct of all MONTREAL employees.

Despite the existence of this Code of Ethics and Conduct, employees will not always find a ready answer on how to act in every situation. For this reason, the most important role of MONTREAL's Code of Ethics and Conduct is to stimulate dialogue, creating a space for discussions about the practices and behaviors that involve you.





Montreal's Whistleblowing Channel is the means by which complaints and communications about violations of the Code of Ethics, internal rules and current legislation by its employees can be submitted.

Guaranteed security and privacy, all complaints are received by the Ethics and Compliance Committee, which is the body responsible for carrying out the investigations and clarifying any doubts.

Despite the Ethics and Compliance Committee's duty and mission to carry out all the necessary investigations, it is essential to stress that reports made in good faith by employees cannot give rise to any reprisals.

The presentation of false information and accusations, on the other hand, constitutes a breach of the Code of Ethics.


By reinforcing its commitment to the highest standards of ethics and governance, Montreal is once again demonstrating its commitment to its customers, suppliers and employees.