mPass Fever

A solution for a safe return to your company's activities.

It's still a time of social distancing, but in many places, activities need to continue. This need is becoming increasingly urgent in various scenarios, including schools and universities: after almost a year of operating virtually, the sector is striving to resume face-to-face classes, or at the very least, in a hybrid model.

We've brought this subject up to introduce you to a solution that could be your business's greatest ally, whatever it may be, in returning to its activities: mPass Fever.

Montreal's facial recognition technology is one of the most secure solutions for access control, and now it can measure body temperature instantly, without any physical contact. The measurement can be carried out up to 0.8m away and with an accuracy of 0.3°, all in less than a second.

The system, created in partnership with HF Security, works outdoors with low or excessive lighting, and can generate an evidence report including the date and time of access. Among its additional advantages, it has the option of enabling the mandatory use of a mask, and the ability to identify "hitchhikers", i.e. if a second person tries to simultaneously access an environment without the proper measurement. In addition, "liveness detection" prevents the system from being circumvented by videos or photos.

Its efficiency was approved in the Startups VsCovid-19 challenge, which seeks technological solutions capable of directly or indirectly mitigating the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic, and could be used at the Tokyo Olympics.

Planning to use facial recognition to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the Tokyo Olympics

With more than 30 years' experience in the market, Montreal is one of the country's leading companies in the development and integration of information technology solutions, as well as being among the leaders in the biometrics segment, holding one of the largest biometric data registries in Latin America, with more than 22 million records.

We have a range of solutions for the healthcare sector. One of these is mCare, an application that monitors health in real time using devices with Bluetooth communication. The system stores and processes the user's clinical data and transmits information in real time to doctors or other health professionals.

Whatever your industry, we can make this time of returning to work safer. Talk to an expert.

mPass Fever: The future of people access control has arrived. Watch the video on YouTube.



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