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We often come across business processes that are still carried out from an outdated perspective, such as those where you have to send physical documents, fill in forms via traditional websites, or contact your customers by phone.

However, the current scenario demands ever greater agility in accessing information, making decisions and, above all, that these actions can be carried out anywhere and at any time. Focusing on the customer requires that the company's primary business processes be increasingly facilitated through mobile devices, making this interaction possible in real time. At a time like the one we are living in, for example, where social distancing is necessary, questions arise that are fundamental to business survival:

  • How can I quickly access my business information in real time and from anywhere?
  • How can I provide more convenience to my customers, partners and suppliers?
  • How can I transform my business processes so that they are completely electronic?
  • How can I integrate my business processes to enable the use of mobile technologies?
  • How can I make the customer an active participant in the business processes that involve them?

Have you ever thought about the fact that almost the entire adult population of the country has access to a cell phone? Whether it's yours or someone in your family's. And considering the evolution of smartphone technology, making it possible to capture images of documents or biometric information about the user, can you imagine how many new possibilities can be explored?

By 2023, there will be at least a 20-fold increase in the number of smart devices that will form new collaborative networks involving the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, smart spaces, digital assistants and others. This information is contained in the 2020 technology trends report published by Gartner.

In addition, according to Brian Burke, Research VP at Gartner, "Edge computing will become a dominant factor in virtually every industry and use case as the edge is empowered with increasingly sophisticated, specialized computing resources and more data storage. Complex edge devices, including robots, drones, autonomous vehicles and operating systems, will accelerate this change."

We can help you exploit this "Empowered Edge" more and more by developing mobile solutions for clients in the banking, energy, construction, security, health and other sectors, and we have expertise in Xamarin, IONIC, Angular, Native Android and IOS technologies. Furthermore, we can say that using mobile solution development is the easiest way to start providing solutions for this connected population, making them agents of the solution, using decentralized functionalities such as:

  • Biometrics (facial, digital, voice recognition) to guarantee information security;
  • Capturing documents and information using the processing power of smartphone cameras;
  • Information processing to recognize images, characters, barcodes, to initiate business processes;
  • Capturing geolocation information from devices to enable the creation of business rules that take into account the position of participants in business processes;
  • Computer vision, to enable recognition of objects in the real world;
  • Augmented reality, to ensure immersion between the real and the virtual for business applications;
  • Solutions for interaction with digital assistants (Chatbots);
  • Monitoring indicators to assess the "health" of the company's business;
  • Enhancing the interaction of customers, partners and suppliers with the organization's business processes.

Today, part of the costs of operations can be transferred to end users, who are already equipped and appreciate the agility and convenience of "self-service". With this, companies can reduce time and costs in their business, bringing more satisfaction to their customers - now powerful agents at the edge of processes.

As the company matures and its solutions in the mobile ecosystem grow to support its business, it will be able to take steps towards creating intelligent workspaces, virtual and augmented reality solutions, georeferencing, among many other possibilities that can innovate and bring benefits to its customers.

We're thinking ahead to work now! Are you interested in the advantages of using technology and do you want your business to be always available, increasingly exploiting the power of the user at the cutting edge of the process? Contact us!

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