Information and Knowledge Management.

A treasure that companies must safeguard to boost business in times of remote working.

Information management (IM) and knowledge management (KM) are a treasure that companies must safeguard in order to boost business in times of remote working. However, they have always been a major challenge for companies, both from the point of view of processes and technologies applied with a view to business continuity as well as boosting results for society and the market.

In times of remote working, KM, based on the bibliographic reference in Figure 1, has become even more important. The generation of information (explicit knowledge) and thinking minds (tacit knowledge) has gone beyond organizational boundaries; both are now generated and used anywhere.

Figure 1: Knowledge spiral (adapted figure)

Source: (NONAKA; TAKEUCHI, 1995)

Within this context, there is an urgent need for companies to establish mechanisms for the acquisition, storage, distribution and dissemination of information, so that their business processes are efficient, effective and prepared to face the challenges of today's market.

Montreal has several business verticals , including Information Management, Process Managemen and Data Center. We have a team of highly qualified professionals to support the choice and customization of the best tools and technologies on the market that include IM and KM processes, guaranteeing your company control of all stages of the knowledge spiral, providing sustainability, profitability and business continuity.

We think ahead to work now! Have you identified the need to manage your company's information and knowledge? Count on us!

MONTREAL, the future now!

References NONAKA, I.; TAKEUCHI, H. The knowledge-creating company: how Japanese companies create the dynamics of innovation. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.

Contribution from our Information Technology Consultant, Diovani Luiz Merlo.



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