Let mPass Fever take care of your health.

Body temperature monitoring without physical contact and facial recognition for possible fraud.

Faced with the current pandemic situation, which continues around the world, there is a need to renew concepts of coexistence, observing new precautions. In this sense, both people and companies need to change their behavior in order to move forward, both in essential segments, which have never stopped their activities, and in companies that have remote employees, fulfilling social isolation when the time comes to return to work.

MONTREAL, a pioneer in the integration segment, has created a solution to support this: mPass Fever. This technology allows access control to environments via facial recognition - without physical contact - and also monitors people's body temperature via infrared. This allows companies to identify possible symptomatic people, avoiding contamination in corporate and public environments.

One of the features of the solution is the speed with which users can be identified, using facial biometrics, in less than a second, at a distance of around 1m, and temperature measurement with an accuracy of 0.2º. All this care serves to identify people with a fever and avoid contamination by infectious diseases.That's why mPass Fever was created to act from the very first contact with users.

We can mention various applications for the solution, such as at the entrance to companies, construction sites, factories and schools, where access control with facial recognition and temperature measurement can be integrated into the current system, bringing greater security and care, without manual intervention, and with a record of historical measurements. Staff photos can be fed into the mPass Fever system for facial recognition, and the system allows the user to be identified even when wearing a mask and can advise the user without a mask to put on their protective equipment before accessing the environment. Visitor entry can follow the same process, with the new user's photo sent and prior registration in the system, on a specific day and at a specific time.

For public environments such as shopping malls and airports, for example, there is an option for mPass Fever that is only for temperature measurement, which can detect and monitor a group of up to three people at once.

Another application is for hospitals, clinics and laboratories where, as soon as the patient arrives at the access point, they go through this first screening step. If a high temperature is detected, access to the environment would be denied and the patient would have to be isolated in another area and promptly attended to using a specific protocol for the situation.

In the case of corporate environments, if an employee is detected with a temperature above normal, they would be denied access to the work environment, causing the entrance door to be locked for the safety and health of other people. The solution was designed with everyone's well-being in mind.

Proof of this is that mPass Fever was approved in the Startups Vs Covid-19 challenge, which seeks technological solutions capable of directly or indirectly mitigating the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic. And it doesn't stop there.

In addition, the system seeks to cater for all types of environments. One of the advantages of mPass Fever is that the solution can also work in outdoor environments, such as construction sites, with low or high light levels, and it also responds to attempts at fraud in access control, preventing entry, for example, when using photos from mobile devices.

At the end of the day, our purpose is to ensure the health and safety of your company. It's never been any different. That's our message. Take care of yourself. Or rather, let us take care of you.

Montreal, the present future.



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