Can you imagine a world without the internet?

By: Gabriel Ellan Lobato


Can you imagine a world without the internet? Today (17), we celebrate World Internet Day, an emblematic date that makes us reflect on the impacts and importance of the Internet in our lives.


The digital world is an everyday thing, with just one click there are thousands of answers on any topic, but did you know that in the past this environment didn't exist?


A world without the internet, without social networks and without being connected to a global network seems like a dark place that hasn't been part of many people's reality since their birth.


The emergence of the internet

The Internet has connected billions of people and helped to unify cultures, facilitating learning, opening minds and bringing together people with common interests. It has also made it possible to deliver a wide range of services quickly.


The internet is also fundamental to the development of technology itself, we use it to shorten paths, which facilitates the medium and helps deliver the new.


Along with the digital transformation, e-commerce has emerged, allowing people to buy and sell products from anywhere in the world, which increases accessibility and inclusion.


New challenges

Surfing the web, web brings new challenges and initiates the search for cyber security, as we are now subject to hackers attacks. Privacy and digital responsibility have also become hot topics. The tool must be used responsibly, ethically and morally.


As we advance in digital innovation, we see a more effective internet, which has weaknesses, but which is nonetheless essential to our lives. Can you imagine a world without the internet?


"Technology moves the world"

– Steve Jobs



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