Society 5.0: How to boost your business.

How companies can boost their business from a sustainable society.

The term 5.0 society emerged in Japan in 2016, created in the Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan and published in the 2017 edition. This designation represents a vision of the future of how society should deal with issues associated with technology and, above all, social sustainability, i.e. human-centered to enable a balance between economic advances and solving social problems (HITACHI-UTOKYO LABORATORY(H-UTOKYO LAB.), 2020).

Figure 1: Contextualization of Society 5.0


The information technology market is one of the most affected by the social imbalance, as it prevents thousands of people from having access to education and appropriate training in this area due to a lack of basic resources such as internet access and/or even the availability of equipment (computer, notebook) for training. This situation is clear in the market and materialized in the indicadores referentes ao gap de profissionais de tecnologia versus the need for companies to hire them. In this sense, studies point to a deficit of more than 300,000 vacancies by 2024.

The Montreal Group has an internal volunteer program with professionals from its IT areas and in partnership with other companies, to offer people the opportunity for inclusion through studies and technical learning in various information technology (IT) tracks, relocation to vacancies in partner companies in a sustained manner, with a view to having a social impact at one end and at the other, and guaranteeing the continuity of the companies' businesses in the face of the challenges of technological developments in the 5.0 society.

We think ahead to work now! Are you interested in the training and social sustainability program for business? Join us!

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Contribution Diovani Luiz Merlo - Information Technology Consultant



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